1. Walter Lowney, built the chocolate factory.
  2. Sandy Levine, local resident, teacher and former Board of Selectman member and her 3 sons.
  3. Brian Levine
  4. Dennis Levine
  5. Kevin Levine
  6. Carole and Karl Clemmey, life long Mansfield residents and generous supporters of the mural.
  7. Joe and Emma Gonsolves, life long Mansfield residents and generous supporters of the town.
  8. Corey Shea, Army Specialist, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Died November 12, 2008, Serving During Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  9. Florence Boltz, bought the race track and built an airport for her daughter, Martha.
  10. Frances Shaw, resident
  11. Fire Chief H. King (1905)
  12. Russel Kydd, resident of Mansfield.
  13. Harry Chase, Historian, for many years wrote an historical column for the Mansfield News
  14. Stephan Ginsberg, D.M.D., Local resident and dentist
  15. Rose Armfield (Spilewski), the mother of a local resident and a mural supporter.
  16. Martha Boltz, daughter of Florence, seen here as a youngster (16) and as adult (16).
  17. Lisa Banat, was killed tragically in a car crash July 2012. Remembered here by her mother Dana Banat
  18. Angela Whitley, local residents and friends of the artist
  19. Lucy Anagnos
  20. Nick Anagnos
  21. Patrico Gozzolo, friend of the artist
  22. Ian Gaudreau, The mural artist
  23. Deb Anderson, Mansfield resident, artist and Ian’s artist’s mother.
  24. Art Anderson, Mansfield resident and artist’s step-father.

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