station and train

Boston & Providence Railroad turned Mansfield into a key New England industrial hub when it came to town in 1835. The town became a key location with its two important branches-Old Colony Railroad for Taunton and points south and the Mansfield and Framingham RR for points north in Mansfield became an important fueling and watering place. Industries that relied on the railroad included foundries for casting furnaces, stoves, tacks, and nails, as well as cannons and cannonballs for the Union Army during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln changed trains in the Mansfield train station on his way from Boston to Taunton. Can you find Mr. Lincoln in the mural? This was before he was president. The original depot was built in 1860 and lasted almost a century until 1952 when the “temporary” station was constructed.

Today’s station was completed in 2004 and has the busiest commuter rail use between Boston and Providence. The high speed Ascela passes through Mansfield several times a day.
If you look very carefully you can see the Ascela train depicted on the old steam train that Ian painted on the side.