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What’s with the Gigantic Goose?

What’s with the gigantic goose? it’s because Mansfield had the world’s largest goose farm! Each spring, in the mid 1800s, up to 25,000 the young geese from Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Rhode Island and western U.S. would arrive in big boxcars at the freight house. The whole town would come out the help herd the […]

Lowney’s Chocolate Factory Sweet Smell of Success!

If you were in the right place between 1903 and 2009, you could breathe in the sweet smell of chocolate. Lowney’s Chocolate Factory, started in 1903 by Walter Lowney and which he ran until his death in 1921. His business was both profitable and self-sufficient. His farm produced thousands of gallons of cream for his […]

Faces in the Crowd

Walter Lowney, built the chocolate factory. Sandy Levine, local resident, teacher and former Board of Selectman member and her 3 sons. Brian Levine Dennis Levine Kevin Levine Carole and Karl Clemmey, life long Mansfield residents and generous supporters of the mural. Joe and Emma Gonsolves, life long Mansfield residents and generous supporters of the town. […]

Cucumbers & Gladiolas

In 1898 the first cucumber farm was started by Benjamin Vickery and by the 1920s, 14 growers were producing about 20,000 bushels annually. The town had 20 Acres “under glass” for growing the cucumbers. On August 16 & 17, 1922, the “Fourth Annual Exhibition of the Mansfield Gladiolus Association was held. This was the largest and […]

Lieutenant Samuel Crocker Lovell

Lieutenant S, Crocker Lovell, led calvary unit that gave Gen. Robert E. Lee an honorable escort. Civil War veteran Lieutenant S. Crocker Lovell, who escorted Robert E. Lee after his surrender, became a well-respected local businessman. The building he built in 1870 housed a boot and shoe store, Robinson’s Grocery Store, and in recent years, […]

Exploring the Allegory Area

Allegory area represents Mansfield’s commitment to the arts, education, sports and veterans. Arts Jim Gallo (1928- 2015), Mansfield High School Bandleader (1959-1980) and trumpet player. As a young boy, Jim fell passionately in love with the trumpet. He formed his own band as a 7th grader in Roslindale, MA and was also an enthusiastic participant […]

Horses to Hangers–Once a Trotting Park, Now an Airport

Before the airport, there was the Mineral Spring Trotting Park established by the Mansfield Trotting Association, in 1869. Watching the races was a popular activity, and there were more than 40 horses stabled on the grounds. In 1912, Florence Boltz bought the property. Sixteen years later, she turned it into an airport for her young […]

The Two Plaques Have Donors Names

Left-plaque Right-plaque Ian designed the letters to stand out by using a bright gold color. It starts with a “G” on the left plaque. Find each bright gold letter going from left to right on the left plaque then again left to right on the right plaque.When you find them all they spell out a […]

Who Are All These Folks?

Ian’s High School art teacher, LeeAnn Wilhelmson, is pictured here with Ian as a young boy. She was a great influence and encouragement of his artistic skills seen here in this mural. In the 1910 Ford Model T Touring car are three members of the Mural Committee. Driving is Nancy Wall, Chair of the Committee and the Model T belongs […]

Oh, Dear! What Happened to the Wall?

What looks like a break in the concrete wall is really a “tromp l’oeil” or  trick of the eye! Ian came up with the idea and tutored Kelly Lee, then a Mansfield High School art student, and she did us proud! The story going round says that a municipal worker was driving by and noticed the “crumbling […]